Raquel López, Spanish designer dedicated to bridal, party, and bridal haute couture dresses. The brand arises from the need to offer a new fashion proposal to brides. With the values of craftsmanship and couture.

Raquel López’s designs escape trends, as well as standards, with their own identity. The dresses are always made with high-quality fabrics, using natural materials such as silk, cotton, organza, linen, natural embroideries and hand-painted, guipure lace, and antique fabrics. The differentiating details, artisan work, or impeccable dressmaking are Raquel López’s key elements. As well as a studied pattern-making seeking new forms that adapt perfectly to the body. All these concepts blend to give a fresh air to brides, constantly seeking naturalness and elegance, which is what characterizes our Spanish brand.


2024 edition