Cual Estudio

Laura Carmona & Carol Pascual

CUAL is a design studio that creates values and concepts applied to three disciplines: ART DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN, and SPACE DESIGN.

“The human body becomes a blank canvas for the fashion designer.” Inspired by this concept, we have crafted a unique piece intended to be the award for the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. We recognize that without the body, fashion would not exist; therefore, for us, the essence of design resides in people themselves.

From our Yperfectas collection, which embraces the idea that all bodies are perfect as they are, we have conceived the ideal body for a wedding dress. We define this ideal body as one that feels secure and comfortable with itself, regardless of gender, liberated from any stigma or insecurity. Therefore, our piece incorporates organic forms that avoid pigeonholing into a specific gender and uses textures that evoke skin, combining smooth and striated areas with rougher ones.

the trophy