The fashion shows will be broadcast on the digital platform from 18th to 22nd September

Pronovias Group and other major firms have said ‘yes’ to the digital edition of Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Pronovias Group, Yolancris, Jesús Peiró, Cymbeline, Sophie et Voilà, Valentini are just some of the major bridal fashion brands who have already confirmed their presence at the VBBFW Digital Experience, which will once again become a renowned world event in bridal fashion and a platform for the dissemination of new products in the sector. The new digital edition of the show will take place from 18th to 22nd September, to facilitate the maximum participation of the firms and contribute to revitalising business, both nationally and internationally.

The Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, organised by Fira de Barcelona, is preparing its 2020 event with the support of the major firms in the sector who have once again ratified their commitment to the show and a virtual proposal that will include an interactive platform through which the fashion shows will be broadcast in a spectacular format led by La Fura dels Baus theatre group. The aim, for the first time, is to reach not only the professionals of the sector but also the end consumers and future brides, thus becoming a trade show that will encourage commercial interactions in order to generate business.

Thus, the Pronovias Group has confirmed its participation with all of its brands: Pronovias, White One, House of St. Patrick, Nicole Milano and Ladybird. In addition, the leading bridal fashion group will act as a partner in the event, working together with the organisation to disseminate the event and ensure its success.  The CEO of the Pronovias Group, Amandine Ohayon, stressed that “as international leaders in the bridal sector we want to continue to be at the forefront of the market, giving our support and participating in this world-renowned event. Pronovias Group is proud to be promoting VBBFW 2020 with the participation of all of its brands in this new format.”

Similarly, other great brands such as Jesús Peiró, Yolancris, Cymbeline, Sophie et Voilà, Marylise & Rembo Styling, Serena Whitehaven, the Korean firm – Vestal, Atelier Emelia, the Italian firms – Valentini and Bellantuono as well as new talent from Lorena Panea, Olga Macià, Léonie Bridal and Poesie Sposa, who among others, are some of the firms that have already chosen VBBFW to display their collections.

The Director of the VBBFW, Estermaria Laruccia, emphasises that “we want to thank all the firms and the Pronovias Group for placing their confidence in us for another year running, in an event that is preparing its most special edition in which, beyond the commercial drive of bridal fashion, it is addressing the end consumer for the first time through a platform that will broadcast the fashion shows of these great designers to future brides from all over the world.” She adds that “VBBFW thus takes another step to adapt to new times and does so hand in hand with the sector, to move forward together towards a new scenario and continue to support the revitalisation of the business and the creativity of the world of bridal fashion.”

As for the Chairman of VBBFW and owner of the firm Jesús Peiró, Jesús Díez Betriu, states that “the response of the brands to our proposal demonstrates that the event is more necessary than ever for the sector and thus revalidates its role as a global platform and essential promotional tool for the companies.”

VBBFW has changed its previously announced dates by a few days to adapt to the needs of the brands in the sector and thus achieve the best national and international participation in both the fashion shows and in the trade show itself. Thus, the event will take place from 18th to 22nd September, although the commercial platform will remain operational and available to firms, buyers, distributors, manufacturers and designers for one month, until 18th October.

More than just a Digital Event

The VBBFW 2020 platform has been designed with the collaboration of the La Fura dels Baus theatre company who have added the latest technologies to their unmistakable artistic language. Thus, the event will present the sector’s leading brands’ fashion shows via streaming with a revolutionary staging through an innovative 400 m2 stage made up of 7 m high and over 20 m wide LED screens, creating an immersive and unique experience for each presentation.

Similarly, the VBBFW App will offer the trade show in an agile and interactive way, to facilitate contact and immediate interaction between the operators of the sector through a computer or mobile phone, at any time and from all five continents.

VBBFW, which held its first event in 1991 and celebrates 30 years dedicated to the promotion and international expansion of bridal fashion brands, will also host various informative activities to promote design, creativity and sustainability, with the aim of holding an event which is not only committed to the industry but also to people and its environment.


Barcelona, July 2020

Photos of last year’s event here

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