Launch of the “Join the dream” manifesto involving creators from different artistic genres

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2020 will advocate fashion, art and creativity as tools of transformation

The flagship international bridal fashion show is preparing next year’s event by committing to art, creativity, design and beauty as essential values that inspire fashion and promote its transformational power. Twelve experts from different artistic genres such as fashion, the cinema, gastronomy, music, sports, dance and literature have contributed to the identification of these concepts embodied in Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week in a manifesto and its new image that expresses the purpose of the event and the values it stands for.

Under the slogan Join the dream, the VBBFW manifesto advocates the beauty of a diverse world that is attainable by means of creativity, art and design as elements that contribute to the creation of an inclusive society capable of integrating aesthetic, ethical and social contrasts. According to Estermaria Laruccia, the trade show’s director, in a world dominated by images, we wanted to give value to words and share our vision with the industry, our partners and the world of bridal fashion through a Manifesto. We’re moving towards a new event, committed to people and the environment and more open to the world. All in Barcelona, our home, the place where our history begins, she says.

To find inspiration for the upcoming event, the show has worked closely with twelve professionals who work in different artistic genres, and who have offered their own visions of Barcelona and the concepts of beauty and creativity and how they affect people and their environment. A 360-degree tour of some of the city’s most emblematic landmarks was organised with them.

We were looking for inspiration, states Estermaria Laruccia, through a new vision of Barcelona, an open, inclusive and cosmopolitan city that has been and is one of the global capitals of architecture, art, innovation and design and which has created so much beauty throughout its history”.

The group of professionals is made up of pastry artist Christian Escribà, model and writer Martina Klein, haute couture collector Alessandro Cannavo, journalist and writer Enric Calpena, plastic artist Yamandú Canosa; film and TV director Silvia Quer, audiovisual artist Franc Aleu, art director and designer Javier Gutiérrez, the creative director and artistic producer, Xavi Escolano, dancer and choreographer Thomas Noone, athlete Anna Tarrés and creative director Xavi Lanau.

The 2020 image: a staging of the Manifesto
A selection of models of different ages, cultures, characteristics and backgrounds feature in the new VBBFW 2020 image, an artistic composition framed within an architectural space displaying sculptor Xavier Corberó’s maze-like home, a surprisingly lesser-known place in Barcelona.

It is a staging of the VBBFW 2020 Manifesto: art, respect for people and the integration of differences, projected from Barcelona to the rest of the world. In this regard, the show’s director declares that “the image represents the sum total of beauty in its numerous expressions and diversity as richness and the starting point for any creative process”.

VBBFW, the world leader in bridal fashion
The show is upgraded year after year to support the industry in its constant evolution and adaptation to new consumption needs. Next year’s VBBFW will constitute a celebration of its 30 years of history, looking towards the future with new content and proposals that are sure to cause a great impression, as they do every year. Fashion, creativity, new business models and the transformational impact of the environment will come together from 20th to 26th April 2020 in the Plaza de España in the centre of Barcelona to showcase the collections for the 2021 season.

Barcelona, 27th September 2019