APRIL 23 – 27

The Fashion Shows project the trends defining the direction of bridal fashions to an international audience. These amazing, cutting-edge creations from top designers are showcased in the most spectacular, high profile and eagerly-awaited catwalk show.

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APRIL 27 – 29

The Professional Trade Fair provides a consolidated and highly effective platform for the bridal fashions, grooms' attire, party wear and accessories for the coming season.

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A successful track record

A huge diversity of brands, increased visitor numbers, a wide-ranging media impact and a clear commitment to internationalisation.



from both Spain and abroad



attended BBFW17



from 58 countries



at the Professional Trade Fair



provided sector professionals



from various media

The endorsement of
satisfied exhibitors

From the leading firms in the sector to tiny ateliers in the process of expanding their brand, everyone finds the Professional Trade Fair to be an exceptional platform for business.

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  • "For us, being here is a dream come true"

    Galia Lahav,Israel
  • "It is and always will be the best trade event of its kind in the world"

  • "It's fantastic for any creator of bridal dresses from anywhere in the world to be able to take part in a platform like this one"

    Rosa Clará Group,Spain
  • "BBFW is the essential event for any buyer of bridal wear worldwide"

    Atelier Emelia,France
  • "We've been in Madrid, in Paris… in many places. But when we got to Barcelona we realised that our ideal client is right here"

    Marco & Maria,Spain
  • "At BBFW there are lots of Chinese contacts and buyers which represents a new market for us"

    David Fielden,United Kingdom
  • ‘I visit BBFW because I believe it's the bridal fair with the most cutting-edge firms in the sector, both national and international.'

    Rosa María García-Chamón | Chamon Novias, Spain
  • ‘I've been visiting the show for more than 20 years, it's the best show I've seen and by far the best place to do business. There is so much on offer, both Spanish and international.'

    Michael Panayotis | Panayotis Brudekjoler, Denmark
  • ‘I came to get a look at new designers who we don't currently stock. It's very convenient not to have to be going from one place to another.'

    Nara Ragimov | Bergdorf Goodman, USA
  • ‘I'm very excited to be in Barcelona. This event is exceptional. BBFW is both sophisticated and professional. The venue is fantastic. New York has a lot to learn.'

    Mark Igram | Mark Ingram Atelier, USA
  • ‘It's a great place to do business, there are international buyers and exhibitors. The quality of the stands is very high, as are the products.'

    Christine Ruehrlinger | Haensel Und Gretel, Austria
  • ‘I'm looking for new Spanish brands that are not yet available in Japan. I would definitely recommend other Japanese buyers to come to BBFW.'

    Mika Kobayashi | Hatsuko Endo, Japan
  • ‘I've come to Barcelona to find new and different creations from what you tend to see in the United States.'

    Christina Plumlee | Neiman Marcus, USA
  • ‘This is the third time I've been to the event. Here you find modern dresses, fresh ideas… that's the sort of product I'm looking for.'

    Kiyotaka Hirose | Mariage, Japan

Each new edition is unique and ground-breaking

The buyers at BBFW put a premium on the quality, personality and authenticity of the products presented by the different brands. Come to the Professional Trade Fair to buy the top trends in bridal fashions, grooms' attire, party wear and accessories for 2019.

Entrance to the Fashion Shows is by invitation only.

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Journalists and bloggers:
we give you the most valuable information on the bridal world

Expert communicators from all over the world find BBFW the essential scenario for spreading the word on the new trends in bridal fashions.

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    The global echo of the most hotly-anticipated trends

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    A personal viewpoint direct to thousands of users

Get a taster of the trends for 2019

Well-known designers are outlining the direction of bridal fashions for 2019. Unexpected shapes, amazing finishes and creations that will be a resounding success in the coming season.

In the meantime, check out 2018 collections.

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5 Tuesday December 2017

The future points towards the smart store

New technology has been a winning proposition for years now and it is changing the retail fashion game at a dizzying speed. The bridal sector is no exception. How we shop has changed and will continue to change and retailers have to keep their fingers on the pulse or be left behind. Read more

5 Tuesday December 2017

Limitless imagination

"Having a clear mind at the wrong time can stifle creativity", said the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, and what is creativity if not total freedom with a pinch of madness? Read more

5 Tuesday December 2017

VIP talk about Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Bloggers, retailers, key buyers, designers, influencers... The VIP voices of the last BBFW edition don't lose a detail and this is what they have to explain. Press play. Read more

19 Wednesday April 2017

Cowshed lands in Barcelona

Cowshed is coming to Barcelona and is joining Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week to present its exclusive beauty treatments for brides to prepare them for the big day. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

The millennial bride's shopping journey

We'll tell you all about where she gets her information, what she searches for online, how many dresses she buys and what kind of piece she settles on... And that's not all! Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Rabat, official jewellery brand of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

In addition to its presence as the official jewellery Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week partner, RABAT has established an important relationship with the designer Galia Lahav. They will be in charge of hosting the cocktail-dinner after Galia's Fashion Show in their flagship store on Paseo de Gracia. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Prestigious wineries ally with bridal haute couture

Gramona escapes the dark of its wine cellars to present some of its most prestigious wines and cavas at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

In the words of an expert: Jordi Rosàs from the &Rosàs creative agency

Fashion films, ads, video clips...audiovisual communication is an interesting avenue for the bridal sector to exploit. Jordi Rosàs, from the agency &Rosàs, lets us in on the key concepts. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Bridal fashion and cinema, pure on and off-screen chemistry

Which bride on earth wouldn't want to be the star in her own movie? Read more

9 Thursday March 2017

Painting bridal dreams

Pictorial art is expressed on the most spectacular wedding dresses and guest wear, leaving us breathless. Valentino, Raimon Bundó, Viktor & Rolf, Naeem Khan, Alexander McQueen and Julien Fournié all dared to do it. Read more

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