Twelve years working for brides, infinite shapes and patterns, hundreds of textures and applications, millions of stitches by hand, and one timeless style: BOHO CHIC.

Our truly bohemian line is part of our nature, our most intrinsic style. Inspired by the Mediterranean essence of a city like Barcelona, its people, the culture in motion that lives on its streets, and its modernist legacy, palpable in every corner of the city. Motives that drove us to keep redesigning this line for the millennial bride.

The 2018 collection is reminiscent of the folk universe and gypsy fashion of the 70s. Wedding dresses designed to be a second skin, with three main elements:

Lightweight dresses. For the new YolanCris bride, comfort is a must. We have selected the lightest and most delicate fabrics such as gauze, bambula, tulle, and lace.

Original fabrics. For an even more exclusive product, this new collection features handcrafted fabrics made with appliqu├ęs and swatches for a patchwork effect. The result: a unique dress with infinite details.

Silhouettes. Shapes that are relaxed and flattering without sacrificing feminine sensuality, superimposed textures, multilayered frames, and gowns with the essence of lingerie.

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