2018 Collection trends

  • Ana Torres
  • Angel Sanchez
  • Carla Ruiz
  • Gema Nicolás
  • Cristina Tamborero
  • Cymbeline
  • Demetrios
  • Galia Lahav
  • Inmaculada García
  • Isabel Sanchis
  • Isabel Zapardiez
  • Jesús Peiró
  • Jordi Dalmau
  • Marco&María
  • Marylise & Rembo Styling
  • Matilde Cano
  • Morilee Madeleine Gardner
  • Pronovias
  • Raimon Bundó
  • Ramón Sanjurjo
  • Rosa Clará
  • Sonia Peña
  • Sophie et Voilà
  • Studio St. Patrick
  • Yolancris

Ana Torres logo

The collection Spring/Summer 2018 of ANA TORRES takes as inspiration the romanticism of the bolero...

Ana Torres

Angel Sanchez logo

ANGEL SANCHEZ presents Rose Mist, a new col·lecció where freshness is transmitted in every detail...

Angel Sanchez

Carla Ruiz logo

CARLA RUIZ presents Le Masque, a collection inspired by this magical element.

Carla Ruiz

Gema Nicolás logo

GEMA NICOLÁS presents for the next season a collection that more than respond to a fashion or...

Cabotine by Gema Nicolas draft

Cristina Tamborero logo

The city of skyscrapers, New York, is the inspiration of CRISTINA TAMBORERO for her new bride collection of 2018.

Cristina Tamborero

Cymbeline logo

Thinking on the water's edge, she watched the Seine flow at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. In the waves...


Demetrios logo

The new collection of DEMETRIOS captures the essence of romance with looks that distill elegance, modernity...


Galia Lahav logo

Victorian Affinity is inspired, first and foremost, by our Victorian Affair evening couture collection, the

Galia Lahav

Inmaculada García logo

The purity of gemstones and precious metals has inspired this collection for the lightness of its fabrics, the beauty...

Inmaculada García

Isabel Sanchis logo

ISABEL SANCHIS FW17 is reminiscent of the 40's and the 70's. A journey of these two decades...

Isabel Sanchis

Isabel Zapardiez logo

In her 15th anniversary collection, ISABEL ZAPARDIEZ goes back to her professional beginnings...

Isabel Zapardiez

Jesús Peiró logo

JESÚS PEIRÓ's 2018 collection takes its inspiration from New York City in the early decades of the 20th century.

Jesús Peiró

Jordi Dalmau logo

Hundreds of years ago there was a group of woman corsairs in search of adventures, fortune and freedom.

Jordi Dalmau

Marco&Maria logo

The 2018 collection is inspired by the famous character of Ophelia in Hamlet and her loving bond with the plant...


Marylise & Rembo Styling logo

MARYLISE AND REMBO FASHION GROUP (MRFG), the reputable Belgian family company behind the bridal fashion...

Marylise & Rembo Styling

Matilde Cano logo

MATILDE CANO's new collection is a profound tribute to femininity and, in essence, to womankind.

Matilde Cano

Morilee Madeleine Gardner logo

Influenced by the Capital of Glamour, MORILEE's elegant New York collection offers modern...

Morilee Madeleine Gardner

Pronovias logo

PRONOVIAS, a global leader in the bridal industry, will present at BBFW the new collection...


Raimón Bundó logo

This season, the RAIMON BUNDÓ collection is born with the greatest simplicity, beauty, and harmony...

Raimón Bundó

Ramón Sanjurjo logo

The 2018 formal collection, Elegance, blends classicism and the avant-garde to perfection in its designs...

Ramón Sanjurjo

Rosa Clará logo

Dreams and reality blend together in the new 2018 collection by ROSA CLARÁ. Airy lines and sheer fabrics...

Rosa Clará

Sonia Peña logo

The avant-garde of the 20th century is the source of inspiration for this new Spring/Summer 2018 season.

Sonia Peña

Sophie et voilà logo

SOPHIE ET VOILÀ presents its 2018 collection at BBW, one that reflects a minimalist yet fluid character...

Sophie et voilà

Studio St. Patrick logo

STUDIO ST. PATRICK is a collection that has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail.

Studio St. Patrick

YolanCris logo

Twelve years working for brides, infinite shapes and patterns, hundreds of textures and applications...