Spring - Summer

Rosa Clará

Dreams and reality blend together in the new 2018 collection by Rosa Clará. Airy lines and sheer fabrics define these evocative, romantic designs that take their inspiration from an undying dream in which the beauty of woman is the absolute protagonist.

Prominent in this new collection is its trend of transparencies that add lightness to the bride's look. Rosa Clará presents carefully studied lingerie bodies in Chantilly over bases of nude tulle and organza that surface as a second skin. These are combined with tulle skirts and delicate capes that add motion and sheerness.

Chantilly, or French lace, is the star fabric of the collection thanks to some equally elegant and sensual creations. Alongside that, other premium fabrics characteristic of the firm, such as Italian plumetis, tulle, crêpe, Georgette, and hand-pleated muslin in flowing skirts that are full of delicateness.

The neckline gains prominence in a very sensual look without sacrificing elegance. Pronounced necklines that slenderize the figure and lengthen the lines of the neck. These combine with crystals and gemstones to achieve a sophisticated cannage effect. The plunging necklines also extend to the torso, with different versions to match the wishes of each bride.

The collection presents silhouettes that organically highlight the woman's body. The layering of fabrics contributes to the structure of each design without losing its sense of lightness. Together with insets and hand-embroidered applications, subtly textured designs are achieved that reflect the firm's exceptional technique.

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