The 2018 formal collection, Elegance, blends classicism and the avant-garde to perfection in its designs, striking a balance between traditional and modern in pieces conceived like works of art, where every detail has been selected with the greatest care and delicacy.

The 2018 collection features suits with close-fitting lines from the chest to the waist, slim sleeves and pants in the true Ramón Sanjurjo style, garments with adjustable lengths, front cuts and contoured backs in the most fitting designs for each piece, and as always the luxury quality and most exquisite detail that we have become known for.

izados fieles al estilo de la firma Ramon Sanjurjo: longitudes de prendas variables, cortes delanteros y espaldas siluetadas según el diseño más acorde a cada prenda y siempre, y como ya es habitual, realizados en calidades de lujo y con los detalles más exquisitos.