Raimon Bundó

This season, the RAIMON BUNDÓ collection is born with the greatest simplicity, beauty, and harmony that have ever been manifested in its designs, now that 50 years have preserved this exquisite fashion house.

The firm wanted to pay tribute to these 50 years of history and bring out its most authentic side by offering its most puristic designs, those that best define its history.

To this effect, it has made use of each and every one of the materials that have identified the firm from its beginning, its most emblematic fabrics, such as tulles of natural silk, gauzes, and especially organzas. The last are worked with exceptional gemstone embroidery to revive our earliest sketches using stones and pearls that, while honoring contemporary design, in some way recall former patterns.

Still, the collection is filled with an extensive variety of fabrics, all types of embroidery, and very finely embroidered tulles.

Definitely a spectacular collection that leaves no good observer unmoved.

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