Atelier Pronovias


PRONOVIAS, a global leader in the bridal industry, will present at BBFW the new collection from Atelier Pronovias designed by the firm's creative director, Hervé Moreau. The new designs have been tailored down to the smallest detail in the PRONOVIAS design studio to dress the dreams of every bride.

This year, the firm is using crêpe with a shirred effect to add motion to its garments and is introducing crêpe brocade, a revolutionary fabric that exhibits a visually unique display of textures. The brand relies on fabrics such as micro-shirred gauze, chiffon, soft satin, organza, and silk mikado. Of special importance is the gemstone embroidery that covers the entire body, turning the designs into genuine jewels.

The classic mermaid cut is revived with playful proportions giving way to more pronounced necklines and side cleavage, accentuated backlines, and exaggerated openings over the legs.

In addition, the new builds of the inner corset allow for unique necklines that heighten the bride's sensuality even more. Details such as draped oversleeves and yokes are incorporated into the more romantic designs.

With the success of convertible dresses, the collection features detachable cape veils that, together with overskirts, offer a wide range of possibilities.

The dominant color palette in the firm's new collections centers on optical whites decorated with metallic and gold details that add a touch of luxury and sophistication. The new collection reflects modern elegance, making beauty and comfort the bride's best friends.

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