Limitless imagination

05 December 2017

"Having a clear mind at the wrong time can stifle creativity", said the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, and what is creativity if not total freedom with a pinch of madness? Read more

The world of fashion, bridal fashion too, is dynamic, ever-changing and requires new and renewed ideas to contribute that something special to the bride about to experience one of the most memorable days of her life. From the sketch to the final prototype, whatever the style, creativity plays a fundamental role throughout the creation process.

In every endeavor to produce we find creativity. Where do the great designers of bridal fashion find their inspiration? Wherever the imagination dares to venture. The Italian-Argentinean designer Ines Di Santo's bridal designs have been succeeding in New York for more than three decades. The main inspiration for her 2018 collection are the vibrant self-confident women who make up the urban fabric of The City That Never Sleeps. "This collection is about presence. The pearls, fabrics and embroidery with the firm's signature beads merge to create dresses as eclectic as the city and the authentic women who inspire them ", concludes the designer. An ode to femininity recited in very special wedding dresses.

Sketches from the 2018 Ines Di Santo collection

Inspiration, for young French designer Rime Arodaky, comes from her "trips, women, iconic eras, female and male artists ... From the costumes of a show to the personal style of everyday life, a simple image found in a magazine can inspire the addition of detail to a dress."

Wedding dresses from French firm Rime Arodaky

Without a doubt, memories and experiences themselves are the best source of thoughts, ideas and archetypes that will later come to life in projects the stuff of future brides' dreams. Belén Barbero, alma mater of the Madrid bridal firm Beba's Closet, sees the origins of her vocation in her childhood fantasies "… sitting on my grandmother's sofa, fascinated by those old black and white family photos of wonderful women wearing impeccable dresses."

However, it is important to channel all this creativity, gather all the dreams and transform them into something tangible. For the designer Isabel Sanchis, "the target to whom it is directed and the inspiration for the collection are crucial. However, I always say that fabrics speak and there are times that everything simply flows." Choosing your target audience and knowing the tastes of the brides who will wear the design are considered essential elements in the initial phase of the creative process.

Isabel Sanchis Atelier

Magazine clippings, images from the past, new fabric swatches- almost any element could find its way onto the workshop moodboard. In fact, the sum of all of the elements will eventually lead to the creative thread and inspiration of the collection. On Isabel Sanchis's board you'd see "70s-like geometric embroidery and spirals with sequins; you'd find inspiration from nature and from a part of hyper realistic art." In Rime Arodaky's atelier you would see exquisite images of style icons of the 70's like Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider. Just like all those women who have already intoned the "I do" in the dress of their dreams. As Arodaky adds: "All of our brides are also our style icons, the eternal inspiration that keeps our DNA alive, real and wild."

The Rime Arodaky moodboard

The sketch is only the starting point from which the final design will be derived. As the designer Rime Arodaky tells us "the next step is to create the drafts, which go through many phases of trial and error; we make adjustments and changes on a model. Then we create a prototype that will be reviewed by the workshop and then we see if we should go ahead according to the standards, sewing, shape ..." Most professionals in the bridal world would agree that it takes uncommon effort to create a collection. Bringing any dream to life entails a willingness to perfect every last detail, as Isabel Sanchis confesses: "Many hours of work and a lot of reaching consensus; every comment and detail opens up a new world of possibilities." It is time to make it come true, tangible, and deliver it the true stars of the whole story: the brides. Flashes and lights flood the photo shoots and fashion parades. The marketing campaigns are launched and the whole machine purrs with courage and satisfaction. The creative process is a circular one: it never ends.

Isabel Sanchis Atelier


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