Prestigious wineries ally with bridal haute couture

11 April 2017

Gramona escapes the dark of its wine cellars to present some of its most prestigious wines and cavas at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Read more

Five generations of a winemaking family with a 150-year tradition located in El Penedès, the heart of cava production. True to a philosophy of sustainability in their environment, using organic methods and biodynamics, they aim to reflect the land in their wines, which are produced using entirely traditional methods and aged over years in the silence of the wine cellar.

As the saying goes ‘wine is the only way to bottle time'. Time, for this winery, the key to attaining excellence in their cavas. Amongst them is the Best Spanish Wine 2017: Enoteca Gramona 2001.

Anxious for attendees to sample and tingle with delight at this craftsmanship and excellence, Gramona will be at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week in all its finery.


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