In the words of an expert: Jordi Rosàs from the &Rosàs creative agency

11 April 2017

Fashion films, ads, video clips...audiovisual communication is an interesting avenue for the bridal sector to exploit. Jordi Rosàs, from the agency &Rosàs, lets us in on the key concepts. Read more

How do you express a brand's specific image in an audiovisual product?

Audiovisual communication is just another way to communicate. It has the great advantage of allowing us to tell stories and this usually entails a more memorable and greater connection with our audience. It is also usually more expensive. Whatever the type of communication a brand has to use so that it works for it: that is to say, that people identify and associate it correctly.

Who should be the star of a campaign, the product or the consumer?

In an environment like today's, where people can easily avoid seeing your messages, it is imperative to tell stories that interest our audience. If you're too wrapped up with the product, you run the risk of not getting their attention or losing it within the first 5 seconds.

In the era where we only had television as a means to broadcast audiovisual messages, the stories revolved around the product. Today instead, the consumer is the star of the story but obviously without leaving the product out altogether.

Once they decide that they want to do an audiovisual campaign, what steps should a company follow?

As with any other medium, the most important thing is to define what you expect from the campaign. And it has to be realistic; people often expect too much from advertising. Once that's clear, you have to cover the following three steps: someone has to write what you want to say (communications agency), someone has to produce it (producer) and someone has to broadcast it (media agency).

What does the bridal world need to know in order to connect to the new woman?

It is curious that the fashion world is so creative but at the same time so conservative when it comes to communication. And the nuptial world may be even more so. I recommend getting into the skin of the new millennial bride and trying to think and feel like her, see what she listens to, what brands interest her, what movies, series, songs, artists ... in short, know her world and her motivations and not ours. We mustn't forget that today we are not what we sell, but what they buy from us.

What concepts would work best in bridal fashion films? Ads, fashion films, trailers, video clips ...are all these formats suited to the bridal world?

There are no formulas that can guarantee success. Whatever type of content we are going to generate, it has to be well produced, interesting and above all make them dream with what it says, who it's saying it to, the music, the actors, the director, photographer, etc. Our content will compete not only with other brands in the sector but with everything that currently floods the Internet. Now, the advantage of your sector is that brides are interested and have a very proactive attitude: take advantage of it!! Because it is not very common.


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