19 Wednesday April 2017

Cowshed lands in Barcelona

Cowshed is coming to Barcelona and is joining Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week to present its exclusive beauty treatments for brides to prepare them for the big day. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

The millennial bride's shopping journey

We'll tell you all about where she gets her information, what she searches for online, how many dresses she buys and what kind of piece she settles on... And that's not all! Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Rabat, official jewellery brand of the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

In addition to its presence as the official jewellery Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week partner, RABAT has established an important relationship with the designer Galia Lahav. They will be in charge of hosting the cocktail-dinner after Galia's Fashion Show in their flagship store on Paseo de Gracia. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Prestigious wineries ally with bridal haute couture

Gramona escapes the dark of its wine cellars to present some of its most prestigious wines and cavas at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

In the words of an expert: Jordi Rosàs from the &Rosàs creative agency

Fashion films, ads, video clips...audiovisual communication is an interesting avenue for the bridal sector to exploit. Jordi Rosàs, from the agency &Rosàs, lets us in on the key concepts. Read more

11 Tuesday April 2017

Bridal fashion and cinema, pure on and off-screen chemistry

Which bride on earth wouldn't want to be the star in her own movie? Read more

9 Thursday March 2017

Painting bridal dreams

Pictorial art is expressed on the most spectacular wedding dresses and guest wear, leaving us breathless. Valentino, Raimon Bundó, Viktor & Rolf, Naeem Khan, Alexander McQueen and Julien Fournié all dared to do it. Read more

9 Thursday March 2017

In the words of an expert: CuldeSac interview

Lucía del Portillo and Pepe García, creative directors of the Valencian studio CuldeSac, unveil the secrets of branding a bridal firm. Read more

9 Thursday March 2017

Purchasing channels used by millennial brides

Where is the purchasing process taking place? Discover everything you need to bear in mind to make contact with millennial brides during their shopping journey. Read more

1 Wednesday February 2017

Architecture on the catwalk

Inspiration comes from the most unlikely nooks and crannies of architecture and conquers the collections of eminent haute couture designers. Read more