Divine woman, divine dream

Matilde Cano

Matilde Cano's new collection is a profound tribute to femininity and, in essence, to womankind. It is an exaltation of the virtues adorning each and every woman, which at times get pushed to the background. Harmonious designs and high-intensity colors like never before seen create the power this collection means to convey. It is almost like our own personal renaissance, one with an extraordinary theme that manages to bring what is most beautiful and unconscious to life.

This collection, so very rich in detail, features organza, embroidery, tulle, mikado, iridescent taffeta, and silk in attractive prints. It abounds in rich applications of feathers, sequins, and crystal flowers on gauze coats and details embroidered with golden bugle beads that embellish the simple cuts along more architectonic lines.

The inspiration for this collection has enabled Matilde Cano to play with a wide range of possibilities in making the DIVINE WOMAN a reality: from short pencil dresses to long, sheer gowns in printed silk, dresses pieced together to resemble jewels, pants with the chicest details, and long, flowing capes that envelop these suggestive looks full of open necklines and feminine silhouettes. The colors of roses and bougainvilleas are all around, not to mention brilliant metallics and midnight blues. Matilde Cano leaves room in the collection for black and white, which, lit up in reds, work in perfect tandem with fuchsias and oranges to capture this special expression of Spanish inspiration, powerful, elegant, and 100% genuine.

Collaborating once again with El Ropero de Pi, the different designs will be worn together with exquisite jeweled tiaras, earrings with their own personalities, and typical Spanish flowers. In addition, all the creations will be artfully matched with sandals from the firm MENBUR, which also goes for that touch of chic using metallic materials and feminine, satiny bows that work in perfect harmony with the most natural faces, bold lips, and hair that is upswept or loose and curled to show off the jeweled headdresses.

Without a doubt, Matilde Cano will catch everyone's eye; and as we now find ourselves in one of the most energy-filled periods of the 21st century, it goes without saying that the future is female.

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