Jordi Dalmau

Hundreds of years ago there was a group of woman corsairs in search of adventures, fortune and freedom. They were independent women full of courage who sailed the seas making their way, conquering towns and breaking the hearts of the wildest men.

ERFIA is the new collection by Jordi Dalmau for 2018, inspired by the wild world of pirates and the courage and sensuality of the woman corsairs. Inspired by the seductive power of these women, Jordi Dalmau presents a new collection full of strength and character, where the corsets blend with the extra long skirts, playing with the layering of fabrics, drawing designs in the shape of mermaids, those precious mythological creatures that clouded the reason of the pirates who dared sailing the seas.

The collection has exclusive and handcrafted designs, made with rich brocade fabrics regarding colours and shapes. All of this is combined with fresh and sophisticated laces such as Chantilly and guipures, enhanced with the use of plumeti tulle, to provide a more gentle and feminine finish without losing the character and strength of every design.

A feminine, sensual collection full of life for a brave, independent and adventurous woman.

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