Jesús Peiró

JESÚS PEIRÓ's 2018 collection takes its inspiration from New York City in the early decades of the 20th century.

It is the great modern metropolis, the city of wonders that defies boundaries and amazes the world with its beauty and incredible evolution. Its majestic buildings, the forefront of architecture invading the sky, fuming and piling up. Challenging ingenuity, imposing and magnificent. Playing with geometry, vanishing into the heavens among blocks of marble and concrete slabs. Steel locomotives, ocean liners, lighting. The years of the machine's surrender to modern times.

It is the fanciful, meticulous beauty of Art Deco. Exotic woods, chrome, Bakelite, jade, obsidian, decorating a table or elevator door. Drawing borders, arabesques, lattices, and grilles on ceilings and walls.

It is the flowers and butterflies and playful garlands of Art Nouveau. Its delicate, warm palette, its sinuous elegance. Our bride is graceful, light, and built from the inside out like the architecture of a skyscraper.

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