OH!RIGAMI | From paper to emotion

Isabel Zapardiez

In her 15th anniversary collection, Isabel Zapardiez goes back to her professional beginnings and the worlds that have inspired her.

The spark was struck on the designer's visit to Japan, when she encountered that rich cultural and aesthetic universe that has been very present throughout her career. From her personal experience, she freely interprets ancient and modern Japan…always with emotion and feeling, the defining elements of her work.

Her designs also reinforce the bonds that unite her with great names in dressmaking such as the pioneering Madeleine Vionnet and the master Cristóbal Balenciaga, a century after the opening of the latter's first boutique in San Sebastián some few meters away from where Isabel Zapardiez's studio is found today. A connection fed by numerous threads on the levels of both professional conception and personal identification.

The new collection continues moving forward with the Total Look concept, with all the garments and accessories designed to focus on the woman's image: shoes, headdresses…the designer contributes disparate visions from different angles that are capable of fitting together and converging coherently along the same line of argumentation.

Distinct styles, garments, and volumes are freshly combined, staying true to one of the hallmarks of the brand: eclecticism. Jumpsuits, pantskirts, and midi-length skirts with airy volumes coexist with kimonos and samurai-inspired pieces. Also making recurring appearances are low backlines and elaborate, voluminous sleeves. The oriental influence is seen at the waist with leather obis shaping the garments.

Japanese gardens and nature emerge from the fabrics, which show contrasts of texture and motion with pleats, embroidery, and plumes. The shoes add a final touch of sophistication with subtle motifs and meticulous detail.

"Everything I am is reflected in what I do. This collection was born from these 15 years of emotions and passions that add up and run together in my mind…and are expressed with total freedom," says Isabel Zapardiez.

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