Glam Rock and Dandies


Contemplating the water's edge, she watched the Seine flow at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Along the waves flow two distinct currents: Glam Rock and Dandies.

Bare shoulders, plunging backlines, and beneath the sunrays, the wedding march down the red carpet of Glam Rock. Perfect lacework, transparent blouses, and white mikado pants of impeccable cut. These amazons feel proud in modern times, sure of their femininity and confident in the paths their lives are taking.

The news of romance drifts across the white carpet surrounded by a dignity of volumes. Coats, tails, voluminous sleeves, and necklines at the collar. As modern and desirable as a suit of armor built of lace and transparencies.The romanticism takes everything in its path.

Sometimes, the two currents mix and blend together in fanciful lacework, which remains the hallmark of the Cymbeline house. As well as geometric shapes, Lucas Anderi's dresses are a mixture of transparencies and large, romantic volumes.

The combination of Glam Rock and Dandies is captivating. Dresses that combine the boldness of modernity with transparency to expose silhouettes wrapped in corsets and layers of sheer fabrics. Cymbeline puts Glam Rock and Dandies forth as the muses of 2018 wedding fashion, with their sights set on the Parisian river in the shade of the Iron Lady.

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