Cabotine by Gema Nicolás


Gema Nicolás presents for the next season a Collection that more than respond to a fashion or a concrete trend, responds to a way of being.

This collection is perfect for an urban woman, unconcerned, actual but also looking for a touch of romanticism.

The most classic forms are redesigned in large skirts and carefully Crafted silhouettes in jacquard, cloqué and ottoman, white silk, Crepeandtulle are used to delicately Wrap ethereal and sublime silhouettes. The designs are reinterpreted with subtle details that reveal nude shoulders, sensual backs deeply embroidered in silver thread, Crystal and face

Las formas más clásicas se rediseñan en amplias faldas y siluetas cuidadosamente confeccionadas em jacquard, cloqué y otomán, al tiempo que se utilizan seda, Crepe y tul para envolver con delicadeza siluetas etéreas y Sublimes. Los diseños se reinterpretan con detalles sutiles que revelan hombros desnudos, sensuales espaldas profundamente bordadas en hilo de plata, cristal y encaje.

Explosion of vivid colors, from metallic gold to sublime nudes through jade, red, fuxia and yellow bring freshness and care to this unique Woman.

CABOTINE bets for a woman with a lot of style, that feels Confident of herself and that looks for naturalness, romanticism and special details in a dress. A unique collection for UNIQUE WOMEN.